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5 Common Dressing Problems and How We Address Them

My attire doesn’t feel appropriate for my workplace. 

Maybe you have just started a new role in an office with a different corporate culture than your previous workplace. Or, you may have climbed the corporate ladder to a higher-level position. Whatever the reason, it can be uncomfortable to feel like your wardrobe does not adhere to your workplace standards.

At Image Redefined, we help you find wardrobe pieces that fit within your office culture, and also indicate for which occasions you should dress a notch higher. We also identify pieces that can easily transition between business casual and business attire.

  • My clothes don’t fit quite right.

No matter how put-together an outfit may look, if it does not fit appropriately on your body it simply will not look professional. Cut and fit matter as much as colour, style and coordination.

We will not only help you to find pieces that fit properly, but we will also identify which styles and cuts can be the most flattering for your body type. After all, feeling comfortable and confident in clothing contributes to overall presence.

  • I can’t seem to figure out which colours match or which colours go best with my skin tone.

The colour of your clothing makes a huge difference in your attire. Clothing colour can project a bold or muted statement, and mismatched colours can send the wrong impression. Also, clothing colour can be highly personalized: each skin tone matches a unique and individual colour palette.

While it can be difficult to zero in on which colours match your skin tone and personality, the highly trained eye of an image consultant can help you to locate a palette that speaks to your personality and complements your skin and hair. 

  • My hair and makeup needs a fix.

Did you know that wearing makeup could make you appear more competent? According to a Proctor and Gamble article, makeup increases perceptions of a woman’s likability, competence and trustworthiness in the workplace. Of course, too much makeup can have the opposite effect, so there is a fine line between looking presentable and looking over-the-top.

At Image Redefined we can help you locate the tools and techniques for office-ready makeup, and also advise on grooming to ensure that you project a polished look.

  • I have trouble switching my wardrobe for the seasons.

At Image Redefined, we will help you find clothing choices that not only will accommodate the fluctuating temperatures, but also will look professional for work and everyday life. From finding an appropriate length and cut of dress in the sunny days, to finding hearty yet well-tailored rainy season outfits, we will offer advise on any season.


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