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How to Dress Your Age: Balancing Style with Maturity

We have all seen adults dressed like teenagers, and our reaction is not always positive. The concept of “dressing your age” or “behaving your age” has always been around which goes to show that there has always been an expected way to dress and act at every age.

We are living in a world where people have become more and more casual with their dressing. We can attribute this to the fact that clothing is more affordable and we have so many options of clothing and styles to choose from. 

The concept of dressing your age is primarily a matter of how people perceive you and not how you just want to dress. Impressions of other people about how you dress matter especially at the workplace, in business and in your personal life. Dressing ‘your age’ affects how people see you.

Fundamentally, the question you should ask yourself is, do you care about how people perceive you?

We can all mention very remarkable people who dress in a style of their own which suits them. That said, we can give an exception and say that you should dress your age, only if it suits you.

As a starting point, here are 4 important questions you should ask yourself when figuring out your style.

How do I want people to perceive me?

Do you want people to perceive you as older, younger, successful, creative etc.? Make this your primary consideration when choosing your style and what to wear

Do I want to stand out, or to fit in?

Having style goals is important as it helps you decide whether you want to be the best dressed person in the office or the most reserved person in the office.

What do I want from my wardrobe?

Do you want your wardrobe to stand the test of time or for it to be trendy?

How do you want to feel when you get dressed?

Do you want to feel confident, mature, stylish, youthful or be taken more seriously?

…In the next articles, we will be talking more about how to dress for different ages. Have a read.

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