the team at image redefined

Largely influenced by inspiration & aspiration. Our team is here for you.

At Image Redefined, we offer a holistic experience that progressively transforms all areas of your life; our first task being to analyze all your unique features, then incorporating them into your personality and designing your customized image – corporate and personal. Our professional services including colour & style consultations, personal shopping and wardrobe planning, public speaking amongst a host of other first-rate services will move you closer to achieving your image goals, and we gladly walk with you through this journey of self-discovery; which is what this whole experience guarantees. Our team of consultants are certified Image Consultants from the South African Image Academy, and they are an absolute pleasure to work with. We promise to make this fun for you! If you’d like to sign up for a life changing and transformational experience, definitely enlist with us. We can’t wait to turn your dreams into a breathtaking reality.

Chief Image Consultant

Catherine Kariuki

" I remember watching Catherine Kasavuli on TV. I’d tell my mom I wanted to be just like her. I liked how she dressed, spoke and carried herself. In general she looked graceful and elegant. A career in fashion is a dream I’ve harbored since I was a child. My dad was also very neat and stylish. His cologne would linger on for forever after he walked past you. He was very meticulous with his dressing. I suppose I got some of the fashion bug from him. Being a shy person, fashion helps with my confidence, and you’d be surprised at what a little sprucing up can do your general well-being. We started Image Redefined because we believe we have one life to live and we should always be our best selves. And it’s not just how you look on the outside. The inside matters too. Image Redefined is much more than a change of attire. It’s a transformation for the mind, body and soul. Plus we’re really fun people to hang around with ☺ "

Technical Director

Nick Muthemba

" I almost wrote that I’m a driven individual with a can do attitude who looks forward to challenges….you know, the full works. Then I remembered…this is not a rèsumè. I can write whatever I please. So… I’m handsome. It is what it is guys. More than that, I’m a visual artist who paints with light, blended with a keen sense of storytelling to create compelling content; With a giving heart.”

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