Breathing life into people through Fashion and Style


Looking good and feeling confident starts here.

Going Corporate

You meet all sorts of characters in the corporate environment. There are sharks biting off chunks and swimming in boardrooms.

Time For a Makeover

Maybe you want to do something different with your hair. But you don’t know where to start.

Bridal Styling

There’s certainly a lot to worry about a wedding. Whether there’ll be delays which completely shift the program

Color & Style Consultation

Looking good and feeling confident starts here.

Hair & Makeup

This session gives you expert tips on how to do your hair and makeup and maintain it with the least effort.

From a girl to a lady

This can be a confusing time for girls and parents alike, and yet it’s a vital time in the development of a girl’s character.

Teaching the Teacher

Standing in front of whichever crowd can be a daunting task

Stepping into the job market

Deciding what to wear to an interview can even be harder because you want to strike the perfect balance between..

Mother & Father of the Bride

What style best fits the parents of the bride or groom? What does it say about the newly-weds? And what about the bridesmaids?

Public Speaking

Charming crowds by your eloquent speech or witty lines might not be up your alley, but at Image Redefined,

Making The Man

They’ll notice you for your confidence. They’ll notice how crisp your shirt is. They’ll wonder where you got such trendy shoes.

Wardrobe Planning

You know your wardrobe inside out. You’ve laid it out in a way only you can understand.

Etiquette and Dining

Let’s take your etiquette and dining mannerisms a notch up by signing up for this high skill service.

Personal Shopping

We have all walked into a store and bought lots of clothing only to go home and regret some of our choices.

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