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Have you ever been in a situation where a friend’s high waist trousers look good on them but end up looking awful on you? Or maybe you bought a beautiful flowy gown that ended up making you look bigger than you desired?

Did you know that there is a perfect shade of red for every woman, or that having a bright overtone does not necessarily allow you to wear bright colors?  

In this session, we unpack color and style; the heart of image is in style, and at the core of style is color. 

From tones to shades, we analyze your undertone and overtone, your eye color and your hair color to discover which colors suit you best. Concurrently, we help you understand your body shape and type and what flatters you most; which designs make your flaws more pronounced?

Come and connect with us as we unravel these dynamics. A must have session that will kick start your transformational image experience!

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