The influence of teachers extends beyond the classroom, well into the future.

As a teacher, your students look up to you in many ways seeing you not only as someone who imparts knowledge, but also as a role model.

At Image Redefined, we partner with you to find which style works for you, ensuring you look distinctively fashionable while maintaining a professional edge. We help you learn how to balance being trendy and appropriate, in keeping with the desire to be a good role model to your students.

We don’t take for granted how much work goes into preparing future leaders, great innovators and successful individuals, and we’d like to help you look the part right from when you get to work up until the end of your activity-packed day. And even better, our two-hour group sessions which are open to all fabulous teachers can easily be arranged to take place in your school’s personnel room!

Come and be a part of these sessions, covering first impressions, putting together suitable outfits for different contexts like sports days, PTA meetings, casual Saturdays and so much more. No one is ever too old or too seasoned to learn something new!

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