Those who we have worked with can vouch for us.

At Image Redefined, our intention is to make you discover just how powerful you are. Here is what some of the clients we have worked with have to say.


As a wife and mum I realised that sometimes we tend to forget ourselves because we are so focused on taking care of our families which is why I decided to embark on this journey to do something for myself.

Grace Wanja, Reinsurance


I came with the intention of learning and I’ve learnt a thing or two. For me the takeaway was the emphasis on investing in quality over quantity.

Njambi Maina, Advertising


I deal with passengers and the first impression really matters. For me what stood out was how important it is to present yourself well. I related it to my work because passengers will judge me just by looking at me before I even serve them.

Charity Muthoni Muriuki, Aviation



what you are investing in

The best investment to make is one where you invest in yourself.

At Image Redefined understand that the moment you decide to work with us, you are trusting us with the investment that you are making in yourself. From our client testimonials, you will see that with us, you will always come first. Book your session with us today & be ready to be redefined.

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