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Susan Adhiambo, Banking

I was told about Image Redefined by a friend of mine who knows Catherine. That’s how I found out about the Complete Makeover Program. I thought about embarking on the journey to rebrand myself because I have a new job, it’s an executive job. I felt that I needed to change my image to match the new role.

I’ve been very impressed by the journey towards changing my image. I’ve loved the rebranding experience. I came in for a first consultation where Catherine took me through the whole program. I also shared with her my image goals and aspirations as well as things I struggle with when it comes to image. I enrolled into the program and started with a color and style consultation which helped me understand what colors work for my skin tone as well as my body shape and how to dress. I really found it fascinating to know that there are colors that I shouldn’t wear, especially those that complement your skin tone. That was a really good lesson for me.

Then I was also able to know what hairstyles go with my facial type. That was a really really good session that I had.

The next session after that was around wardrobe assessment. That also was an interesting one because I discovered that almost three-quarters of my wardrobe was not aligned to the image that I was going for.
That process was an interesting and painful one because you tend to cling onto things that you think were your best clothes. But with the help of Catherine as well as her assurance, I was able to remove over three-quarters of my wardrobe and then went on to the stage of sourcing new clothes which flatter my body shape, concealing my least favorite features and highlighting my favorite ones.

I also enjoyed the shopping process with the help of Image Redefined. They helped me get all the clothes I needed especially for my new job as well as for the weekend.

The makeup session was also very informative and useful. I was taught everyday basic makeup techniques. I really loved that because an outfit is never complete without a bit of makeup.

Finally, I have loved the photoshoot which helps you see your new self and the overall transformation.

Parting Shot:
I’d really advice anyone who is thinking of rebranding to seek out Image Redefined because they are very practical. At the end of this journey, you get a new look that helps you with your executive presence, matches your profile for your new job but more than that, it makes you feel good about yourself. I would really, from the bottom of my heart, encourage that you reach out to Image Redefined. They have helped immensely!

They’ll go with you on this journey and you’ll not regret it. I’m not regretting it.

Charity Muthoni Muriuki, Aviation

The workshop was very important to me personally because when I read the word Image Redefined that was everything for me. I deal with passengers and the first impression really matters. For me what stood out was how important it is to present yourself well. I related it to my work because passengers will judge me just by looking at me before I even serve them. This was quite profound for me and something that I can also share with my colleagues. How you dress, your makeup, how you express yourself are important components that build one’s image.
That was really nice and I’m glad to have attended this workshop today. It was all worthwhile and I’m glad.I shall be back.

Njambi Maina, Advertising

Today’s session was so amazing. I came with the intention of learning and I’ve learnt a thing or two. For me the takeaway was the emphasis on investing in quality over quantity. I’d recommend this to not just corporate people but to any other person who would want to make a change in their wardrobe or just feel good about themselves.
I was Nzilani’s muse (Makeup Artist) and I really loved it. She has done a simple office look on me but the difference is outstanding. I feel so beautiful.

Grace Wanja, Reinsurance

As a wife and mum I realized that sometimes we tend to forget ourselves because we are so focused on taking care of our families which is why I decided to embark on this journey to do something for myself. I desired to be more confident and to present myself well especially in the industry I am in.

I found out about Image Redefined from my Chama Girls. I also follow (Fashionable Stepmum) Catherine online and I saw a post she had shared about a makeover training for female executives. I loved how she talked about the importance of image at the workplace and even at home in the presence of your husband and children.

Her talk made me realize that I needed to work on my image, I decided to take a shot at it and enrolled in the complete makeover program.

The complete makeover journey has been awesome! I have learnt so much about myself. From my undertones to overtone to colors, what I should wear and what I should not. The journey has been insightful and informative. I have also learned that when going shopping I should not buy things blindly just because I like them.

I have to ask myself whether those things work for me, whether they match my personality, my skin tone and body shape. It has been a very eye opening process.

Throughout the program I have been telling my chama girls that they need to also consider enrolling because of how much I have learnt. I am hoping that people will be able to see the difference in me once I go back to work after my leave. Some things you don’t have to tell people, I am hoping they will be able to see a change without me having to tell them and ask what I did to transform my image.

The complete makeover program is something I highly recommend for everyone.

The biggest takeaway for me is that it’s okay to take care of yourself. It’s not selfish to think about yourself and put yourself first. And lastly, when you look good you feel good and you become confident.