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Tell us your name 

Hi, My name is Mwikali

How did you hear about Image Redefined?

I learnt about it through Cathy’s Page (on Instagram), @Fashionable Stepmum

What made you decide to enroll in the makeover program?

I liked Cathy’s style and I felt it was time for me to do a makeover

How was the process for you, from beginning to the end?

The process started on well, it was educative; I learnt so much. I learnt about colour coordination, the way to pair clothes, the right clothes for my body type…I got to learn about my body type, everything to do with my look.

Would you recommend the program to anyone out there? Why?

Yes I would because I support women empowerment, so I would do that to make my fellow women feel beautiful. 

Any closing remarks as you step out into the world a brand new person?

This program has taught me a lot about my physical appearance, the way I should represent myself, the way I should coordinate my personality and my outfit so I feel it will be a good good journey when it comes to my Image.

Any last words for Catherine and the team?

Thank You Catherine for this amazing experience. Thank you to the team and my family for supporting me.


Tell us your name and what you do

Hi, My name is Lucy, I work in the Insurance Industry in a reinsurance firm. I work in the support role, which means interacting with high level executives and supporting my fellow staff in the office.

How did you hear about Image Redefined?

I noticed a person, someone I know, whose wardrobe had changed and I was also very intrigued by her confidence. She looked happier, she looked livelier, and so I just approached her and asked her what had changed. She told me about this program and then she gave me the contact, and I called and booked an appointment.

Why did you feel like you wanted to redefine your image?

I had been struggling with my wardrobe but I didn’t know what to do with it because I kept going back to the same stores and getting the same outfits, and after one wear or two I would still get disappointed with what I selected. I’d been thinking about getting someone to help me with my wardrobe but I didn’t know who. So when I met that person and I got the contact, I felt it was the right time for me to make a move and just do what I had been wanting to do for some time. 

Tell us about your Journey with Image Redefined

It’s been a journey, a very interesting journey, helping me to learn so much about myself in terms of style. I’ve learnt a lot of strengths that I had always seen as weaknesses in my body. I’ve also learnt what I used to do right and what I did wrong in terms of dressing my body. I’ve come to find people who are very professional but also very friendly and it makes the whole journey very interesting; to know that the people you’re working with do not judge you. They take you as you are and they walk with you and are very patient with you and take you one step at a time. So I feel very equipped even after this journey to be able to do this on my own. I feel like I have been given wings to fly in terms of fashion.

Is this the kind of service you would recommend to someone you know?

Oh, definitely yes. I would recommend it to anyone who feels like they need to change their wardrobe, or who has been struggling with their body image and how to dress themselves. This is the best place to come. You’ll find people who are very willing and able to support you, highly qualified, but at the same time very friendly and very open to walking your journey with you. You don’t feel like you struggle to express your fears, your concerns, your worries…it’s a good place to be, I’m happy. I’m happy that I settled for Image redefined.

Any parting shot?

Sometimes in life we walk a lot with burdens of things that were probably said to us, or comments that were made about our outfits or our look, and it’s good to just have a professional come and reaffirm what you think you have been doing right, and gently correct you when they know that there is something that you could do better. It’s a journey that has really opened up the way I think, not just for dress, not just for style, but also how to work with people, how to carry myself, how to present myself; I feel more confident, I feel more bold and I feel like the world is my playground. I’m very grateful 

Grace Wanja

Please tell us your name and what you do

My name is Grace Wanja. I’m in the Insurance Industry, to be specific reinsurance. 

Tell us about your journey here and why you felt it was necessary to redefine your image.

Generally for mums and women, we sometimes tend not to focus so much on ourselves, and instead look after the kids, our husbands and everything else. Sometimes you can forget yourself. So for me it was about just doing something for myself. I was trying to see how I can be more confident in myself and present myself well especially in the industry that I am in.

So what I did is, I reflected on my life and on myself, and I decided to do something for me. So yeah, that’s mainly it, I wanted to focus on myself also.

How did you hear about Image Redefined?

It was actually through my ‘chama’ (association) girls. Though I used to follow Fashionable Stepmum, Catherine, I did not know about Image Redefined. So when she posted that she had a forum for ladies in business to come and attend, I attended it. And then when we went through the session, she discussed about how we present ourselves as women in the industry, how we present to ourselves and even of course to your husband, and I realized, wow, this is something that I am interested in and I would like to do. So I decided why not, let me just try, and I took a shot. 

What do you think about the journey to this point now?

It’s been an awesome journey. First of all in terms of getting to know myself, getting to know…Of course you know your personality, but there are those things that you do and they just come out in you naturally. So finding out more about myself, my undertone, my overtone, what colours work for me, what type of clothes work for me, what I should do, what I should not do, what I should wear, what I should not wear…all those things. So for me the journey has been awesome, it has been very insightful, informative, I’ve learnt so much about myself. And also in terms of when you are going to do something, let’s say you are going for shopping, you shouldn’t just buy things because you see them and you like them. Ask yourself do they work for you? Do they fit you? Do they fit your personality? So yeah, it’s been eye opening.

Is this the kind of service you’d recommend to a friend?

Yes, yes, I would…I actually am. So one thing I’ve been telling my chama* girls is ‘Guys you need to think about this.’ Another thing which I’m hoping will happen is that people will be able to see the difference in me. Some things you might tell people, but there are those things which someone may actually see like, “Wow, okay, what’s happening? These days I can see there’s a change.” So I’m hoping that that change will also translate in people asking me, “What did you do? How did you start all this?” And definitely it’s something that I would recommend.

What is your biggest takeaway from the process

My biggest takeaway is that it’s okay to focus on yourself. It’s not selfish to actually think about yourself. And then another thing is when I look good and when I feel good, I will be confident in what I do. Which means even when I’m at home with my family, when I’m in the office, in the corporate world, when I have that confidence, there is just something; there is a way you portray yourself and you look to people when you exude confidence. So for me it’s okay and it’s not selfish to actually focus on yourself, to do a couple of things for yourself. And it’s just good to know yourself. Something I’ve also learnt from this, I believe, is to know what works for me and what doesn’t work for me. It’s been awesome.

Susan Adhiambo, Banking

I was told about Image Redefined by a friend of mine who knows Catherine. That’s how I found out about the Complete Makeover Program. I thought about embarking on the journey to rebrand myself because I have a new job, it’s an executive job. I felt that I needed to change my image to match the new role.

I’ve been very impressed by the journey towards changing my image. I’ve loved the rebranding experience. I came in for a first consultation where Catherine took me through the whole program. I also shared with her my image goals and aspirations as well as things I struggle with when it comes to image. I enrolled into the program and started with a color and style consultation which helped me understand what colors work for my skin tone as well as my body shape and how to dress. I really found it fascinating to know that there are colors that I shouldn’t wear, especially those that complement your skin tone. That was a really good lesson for me.

Then I was also able to know what hairstyles go with my facial type. That was a really really good session that I had.

The next session after that was around wardrobe assessment. That also was an interesting one because I discovered that almost three-quarters of my wardrobe was not aligned to the image that I was going for.
That process was an interesting and painful one because you tend to cling onto things that you think were your best clothes. But with the help of Catherine as well as her assurance, I was able to remove over three-quarters of my wardrobe and then went on to the stage of sourcing new clothes which flatter my body shape, concealing my least favorite features and highlighting my favorite ones.

I also enjoyed the shopping process with the help of Image Redefined. They helped me get all the clothes I needed especially for my new job as well as for the weekend.

The makeup session was also very informative and useful. I was taught everyday basic makeup techniques. I really loved that because an outfit is never complete without a bit of makeup.

Finally, I have loved the photoshoot which helps you see your new self and the overall transformation.

Parting Shot:
I’d really advice anyone who is thinking of rebranding to seek out Image Redefined because they are very practical. At the end of this journey, you get a new look that helps you with your executive presence, matches your profile for your new job but more than that, it makes you feel good about yourself. I would really, from the bottom of my heart, encourage that you reach out to Image Redefined. They have helped immensely!

They’ll go with you on this journey and you’ll not regret it. I’m not regretting it.

Charity Muthoni Muriuki, Aviation

The workshop was very important to me personally because when I read the word Image Redefined that was everything for me. I deal with passengers and the first impression really matters. For me what stood out was how important it is to present yourself well. I related it to my work because passengers will judge me just by looking at me before I even serve them. This was quite profound for me and something that I can also share with my colleagues. How you dress, your makeup, how you express yourself are important components that build one’s image.
That was really nice and I’m glad to have attended this workshop today. It was all worthwhile and I’m glad.I shall be back.

Njambi Maina, Advertising

Today’s session was so amazing. I came with the intention of learning and I’ve learnt a thing or two. For me the takeaway was the emphasis on investing in quality over quantity. I’d recommend this to not just corporate people but to any other person who would want to make a change in their wardrobe or just feel good about themselves.
I was Nzilani’s muse (Makeup Artist) and I really loved it. She has done a simple office look on me but the difference is outstanding. I feel so beautiful.


Tell us your name and what Industry you are in

My name is Diana. I am a banker by profession.

How did you hear about Image Redefined?

I came to hear about Image Redefined through a friend who told me that there’s a lady who has tried to revamp the image sector. So I said, “You know what, I’ll have a look at it.”

Why were you interested in the services at Image Redefined?

I wanted to change my wardrobe and my look; what my look says about me, and I thought it will be a  good journey for me to take. 

How has the journey been from the first moment you met Catherine till now

First of all I am so grateful for the privilege to work with you guys. The services were splendid, and I like the fact that there was a smooth process flow from the initial stage. The guys are flexible and they work around your timings. They walk with you the journey, whether you have challenges, or there are some things you don’t know how to do, they actually come in handy.

What is your biggest Lesson? What are you taking home with you?

My biggest lesson is, you go for it. I believe every woman has a side that feels I can do this, or she wants to emulate this look or this personality, and I think it was the biggest step for me to actually take this step.

Any message for Catherine?

To Cathy, it was a pleasure to work with you, it was a pleasure to walk with you on this journey. I think this is a beautiful thing you’re trying to do for us as ladies, trying to bring us out of our nutshells, and I wish you all the best even as you continue doing this.

Would you recommend this service to someone else?

Oh for sure, I would recommend this to anybody, any time.