You have to change your mindset to think of yourself as the ‘brand’

8 Weeks

Makeover Program



60-90 minute consultation. Offers an introduction between you (the client) and I (the consultant). We discuss your background, needs, challenges, goals and aspirations with regards to your image. I also take you through the makeover program outline and what to expect.


A Personal Comprehensive, in person Color Analysis consultation is a 60= 90 minutes hour service designed to discover colors that work and compliment your body skin tone.
We’ll also identify your best neutrals, whether you wear gold or silver, do you have a cool or warm personality.
I will also get your full body measurements which allows me to determine your body shape. Knowing your body shape forms an integral part in informing what kinds of clothing and styles you should wear. Lastly in this session, I help you identify your face shape which helps me give advice on best hairstyles that compliment your facial features.


After the Color and Style Session, we will dip into your wardrobe which will be guided by the Color Analysis Report.
I review your entire wardrobe, keeping only what works for you. Get ready to purge!
At the end of the assessment, we come up with a shopping list of what you need, based on both your personal and professional needs.
Our goal is to come up with a functional wardrobe that serves you every day


Our in house makeup artist will help you create a bespoke look that enhances your own unique features and means you’ll always be able to look your best, no matter what. you will also be able to enjoy an environment more conducive to learning, rather than in the midst of a busy department store, ensuring a more relaxing experience. She will help you create a bespoke look that enhances your own unique features meaning you’ll always be able to look your best, no matter what.


We will take you to a professional skin consultant who will take your medical history, understand what you are doing for your current skin regimen and identify goals to improve your skin. She/ He will ask questions about your daily habits, your concerns and your skincare products. She will also recommend any treatment or procedures to ensure you are comfortable in your own skin.


Hair is a woman’s crown and I’ll help you find a beautiful crown to match your personality and facial features. During this session we accompany you to the best professional hair studio, based on your preferred hair options. Are you a wigs kind of girl or do you prefer a more natural look? We advise accordingly and help you settle on the style that suits you best!


When your underwear is on point, you feel good and when you feel good, your confidence creates a ripple effect into your daily life. But how do you know if you’re choosing a bra that will stay comfortable throughout the day? After all, there is nothing more annoying than when your bra’s underwire begins to poke you rather than provide support.
Our experts will help you choose undergarments that suit your body shape.


Time to build a classic wardrobe! I work with your budget to help you create a functional yet elegant wardrobe.


You will have an in depth conversation with our inhouse nutrition on your current lifestyle practices.
She will also help you to make goals so if you are trying to lose weight, increase muscle building, or just maintain good health we can help you achieve those goals.

Other Services

Let us help you find the perfect "image"

Color and Style Session

Have you ever noticed that some colors make you feel washed out while others make you feel stunning.

Wardrobe Audit

Did you know 80% of the women only use 20%of their wardrobe?