Breathing life into people through fashion and style

About the CEO

Catherine Kariuki, Chief Image Consultant

I remember watching Catherine Kasavuli on TV. I’d tell my mom I wanted to be just like her. I liked how she dressed, spoke and carried herself. In general she looked graceful and elegant.

A career in fashion is a dream I’ve harbored since I was a child. My dad was also very neat and stylish. His cologne would linger on for forever after he walked past you. He was very meticulous with his dressing. I suppose I got some of the fashion bug from him.

Being a shy person, fashion helps with my confidence, and you’d be surprised at what a little sprucing up can do your general well-being.

We started Image Redefined because we believe we have one life to live and we should always be our best selves. And it’s not just how you look on the outside. The inside matters too. Image Redefined is much more than a change of attire. It’s a transformation for the mind, body and soul.

Plus we’re really fun people to hang around with ☺

Social Media Handles

Susan Gitonga, Office Manager

If you asked me what I'd pay to do, without skipping a beat I would reply: Fashion and Photography. I was the child who had magazine cut-outs on my wall, aspiring to work in fashion and photography and defining my own nichē in that space.
I've always loved ‘different’.

Psychedelic colours, unusual prints, distinct patterns.

Find me scratching that itch.
And find me loving Jesus.

Nick Muthemba, Technical Director

I almost wrote that I'm a driven individual with a can do attitude who looks forward to challenges….you know, the full works.
Then I remembered...this is not a rèsumè.
I can write whatever I please.

So... I'm handsome. It is what it is guys.
More than that, I'm a visual artist who paints with light, blended with a keen sense of storytelling to create compelling content;
With a giving heart.